Spring 2016

Kristin will be at the Ann Arbor Artisan and Farmer's market all Saturdays during the months of May and June except May 21 and June 25. She will also be at the Ann Arbor Market on Wednesdays June 8 and June 22. If you have a special or unusually large order please send it to us beforehand and smiling Kristin will bring it with her to the market!



Stay tuned!!!


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Morel Mushroom kit

Create your own Secret Morel Garden!

Plant a Morel garden in your yard. Establish a secret morel patch in nearby woods. We supply a prolific, native Michigan strain of white morels that can be seeded into finished leaf compost or materials commonly found at most outdoor centers. With a little help from Mother Nature, morels will appear the next spring (although it may take up to two years for the first flush to appear). Morels can be planted between May and January. Once established, a morel garden may produce for years. Simply reinvigorate the patch bi-annually with fresh compost/substrate. As with all Easygrow Mushroom Kits, complete easy-to-follow instructions are included.


Purchase the Easygrow Morel Mushroom Kit


$21.99 plus 11.99 s/h

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