Fall 2014

We will be back to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market on Saturdays in October--see you then!!!



Hastings, MI--October 11!!! Easygrow Mushrooms and Composting will be hosting a workshop on "Growing Gourmet Mushrooms on Logs" on October 11, 2014, from 1 pm to 4 pm, at the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute in Hastings, Mi. There will be an in-depth presentation on the basics and nuances of growing Shiitake, Reishi, Oyster, Hericium and other mushrooms on logs. Participants will then get hands-on experience inoculating their own mushroom log (that they will bring home with them at the end of the workshop) with the mushroom culture of their choice. Cost of the workshop is $65, and includes your log, handouts and 1 on 1 instruction with mycologist Chris Wright. This is a great opportunity for those on the western side of the Michigan to participate in a mushroom-growing workshop (we've been receiving requests for a west-Michigan workshop for a few years now!!!). For more information, contact the Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, 701 W. Cloverdale Rd. Hastings, MI 49058. 269-721-4473. cedarcreekinstitute.org


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Morel Mushroom kit

Create your own Secret Morel Garden!

Plant a Morel garden in your yard. Establish a secret morel patch in nearby woods. We supply a prolific, native Michigan strain of white morels that can be seeded into finished leaf compost or materials commonly found at most outdoor centers. With a little help from Mother Nature, morels will appear the next spring (although it may take up to two years for the first flush to appear). Morels can be planted between May and January. Once established, a morel garden may produce for years. Simply reinvigorate the patch bi-annually with fresh compost/substrate. As with all Easygrow Mushroom Kits, complete easy-to-follow instructions are included.


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