Spring 2019

Chris and Jacque will be at the market this Saturday!


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Chris will be teaching a class on growing oyster mushrooms for food and profit at Colasanti's Market in Milford, MI on Saturday, June 15. In this class you will learn how to grow oyster mushrooms for your table or as a small business to sell to restaurants, grocers and/or at farmers markets. For more information call Colasanti's at: (248)-887-0012.

For those who are interested in getting certified to commercially forage wild mushrooms sign up for a workshop at midwestmycology.org


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Oyster Mushroom kit

Crunchy texture and nutty flavor!

The Easygrow Oyster Mushroom Kit is the simplest and most forgiving kit for the home cultivator. Even those without a green thumb can enjoy great success growing oyster mushrooms. Just place the kit in a corner somewhere in the house and let it sit unattended. Large clusters of gourmet, fan-shaped mushrooms will soon emerge. Oyster mushrooms are delicious either pan-fried in olive oil/butter with garlic or added to your favorite sauce or gravy. After a couple of months of production indoors, this kit may be then broken up and used to inoculate an outdoor compost pile, where it may continue to produce mushrooms for months.


The Easygrow Oyster Mushroom Kit

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