Spring 2019

Chris and Jacque will be at the market this Saturday!


News and Events

Chris will be teaching a class on growing oyster mushrooms for food and profit at Colasanti's Market in Milford, MI on Saturday, June 15. In this class you will learn how to grow oyster mushrooms for your table or as a small business to sell to restaurants, grocers and/or at farmers markets. For more information call Colasanti's at: (248)-887-0012.

For those who are interested in getting certified to commercially forage wild mushrooms sign up for a workshop at midwestmycology.org


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Shiitake Mushroom kit

Favorite of Asian Cuisine.

This longtime favorite mushroom of Japan has enjoyed increased popularity in the United States over the last few years. It's distinctive, meaty texture and robust flavor make the Shiitake an appealing addition to any stir-fry, soup or gravy. This kit produces an abundant amount of mushrooms and is easy to fruit. Simply place the kit in an inch of water in the bottom of a bucket, laundry tub, sink or old aquarium. (etc.) and get your first flush of mushrooms within two to three weeks.


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$21.99 plus 11.99 s/h

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